Alexander Morton, MD

General Surgery in Aurora, CO

 (303) 724-6031

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About Dr. Morton

Dr. Alexander Morton, MD is a general surgeon in Aurora, Colorado.

Qualifications and Experience

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Education & Training

Ug4fwvpspttmhvrpjtncUniversity of Colorado
Residency, General Surgery, 2013 - 2018

Fxndyen2zqkinmfdkn3hUniversity of Colorado Denver
Class of 2012

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Hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers promote systemic hyperfibrinolysis that is both dependent and independent of plasmin.
J. Surg. Res.
Morton, A. P.,Moore, E. E.,Moore, H. B.,Gonzalez, E.,Chapman, M. P.,Peltz, E.,Banerjee, A.,Silliman, C.
2017 Jun 12

Plasma First Resuscitation Reduces Lactate Acidosis, Enhances Redox Homeostasis, Amino Acid and Purine Catabolism in a Rat Model of Profound Hemorrhagic Shock.
D'Alessandro, A.,Moore, H. B.,Moore, E. E.,Wither, M. J.,Nemkov, T.,Morton, A. P.,Gonzalez, E.,Chapman, M. P.,Fragoso, M.,Slaughter, A.,Sauaia, A.,Silliman, C. C.,Hansen, K. C.,Banerjee, A.
2016 Feb 11

Viscoelastic Measurements of Platelet Function not Fibrinogen Function Predicts Sensitivity to Tissue Plasminogen Activator in Trauma Patients.
J. Thromb. Haemost.
Moore, H. B.,Moore, E. E.,Chapman, M. P.,Gonzalez, E.,Slaughter, A. L.,Morton, A. P.,D'Alessandro, A.,Hansen, K. C.,Sauaia, A.,Banerjee, A.,Silliman, C. C.
2015 Aug 11

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